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Medical and Dental Loans

Get Healthy Without The Headache

We provide installment loans for medical or dental work to Wisconsin, Minnesota & Illinois residents. Whether it’s an emergency or cosmetic, we can help you get both the procedure done and the paperwork done – so you can focus on recovery.


Emergency RoomNo one plans to visit the emergency room. That’s why they call it an emergency. Unexpected medical issues are never convenient, and the expenses that follow almost always hurt your wallet. If you’e struggling to pay your hospital bills, contact Universal Lenders for a convenient installment loan solution that gives you a much better interest rate than payday stores, and spreads out equal payments over time. Rest assured your recovery will be on track with our medical and emergency room loan assistance.

Pay Off Medical Bills

Past medical procedures can come back to haunt you in the form of endless high bills and even collections. We can help consolidate your medical bills with our installment loan program. This way it is easier to manage – paying one loan instead of multiple collectors.  We can also provide you with a lump sum payment to negotiate a settlement with those collection companies.  And if you’re faced with paying the hospital bills of family members or friends, we can help too. Contact us today for medical loan options.

An Alternative to Dental Office Financing

The path to the perfect smile is often paved with steep prices, whether cosmetic improvements such as braces, veneers and whitening, or standard tooth pain remedies such as crowns, bridges and root canals. You may even need longer term dentistry solutions like gum surgery or dentures. If you’re having trouble getting financing from the dental office credit partners, we can help. Universal Loans of Wisconsin offers installment loans that you can use for whatever dental bills arise.

When Financing and Credit Won’t Work.

Doctor and dentist offices have financing solutions available for those who can’t afford treatment costs. But often these have extremely high interest rates, or credit qualifications you cannot meet. Let Universal Lenders be your alternative financing partner for dental or medical expenses. No one should run out of options.


Why Choose Universal Lenders for Medical or Dental Loans?

  • 24-hour approval process
  • Our loans are installment loans – not payday loans
  • Interest is far less than payday stores
  • Your loan will have a fixed number of equal payments
  • Rebuild your credit – We report to Credit Bureaus
  • We have local offices in your area!

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We are currently not accepting new applications