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Loans For Utility Bills

Catch Up On Your Utility Bill

We Provide Utility Loans for¬†Wisconsin, Minnesota & Illinois residents. Whether it’s gas, electric, cable, internet, phone, or water, each of us needs these vital utility services. Our families and loved ones depend on it. So don’t let non-payment lead to no service.

Avoid Shut-Off with a Utility Loan.

Past Due Notice on BillsIf you’re getting disconnect notices for your utility bills such as gas or electric/lights, you know what’s next. Pay it or shut-off. Make sure that never happens with a utility loan from Universal Lenders. We can help you get fast cash to pay your utility provider. Never be without critical heat or cooling, never be left in the dark, and always enjoy your favorite pastimes such as surfing the internet or watching TV. With our help you can enjoy constant, uninterrupted utility service at home.

Keep Cool in the Summer. Stay Warm in the Winter.

Getting a quick loan for your utility bills such as electric or gas can ensure you keep yourself and your loved ones happy no matter what the temperature is outside. Keep the A/C pumping on those hot summer days, and make sure the heat is high enough to avoid chilly winter nights. No matter what is happening outside, you can be confident it’s just right inside with an installment loan for utility bills from Universal Lenders of Wisconsin.

Stay Connected. Uninterrupted Internet.

Whether you still have a landline or use your cell phone, no one wants his or her service cut off for non-payment. And having your high-speed internet service interrupted only means you can’t enjoy streaming TV binge-watching, endless hours on social media, or intense online gaming. Make sure your internet, cell service or landline telephones don’t get cut off by applying for a utility loan to pay your cable, satellite or cell phone bills.

From Oasis to Desert: Unpaid Water Bills.

Imagine a day without a shower, or a night going to the store just to buy bottled water. Imagine not being able to wash your hands, or the inability to do laundry. These can happen if you fail to pay your water bill. No only will you experience major inconvenience, but you will also spend money on temporary solutions like laundromats, bottled water, and gas to drive to your friend’s house just to shower. That money could have been better spent paying your water bill. Avoid this hassle with a quick and easy loan for your water bill.

Keep The Lights On.

Your electric bill controls a lot of things, one being the lights inside your home. Don’t get caught in the dark from unpaid electric/light bills. Take out an installment loan to pay off outstanding charges, and keep your home lit up and happy.

Why Choose Universal Lenders for Utility Loans?

  • 24-hour approval process
  • Our loans are installment loans – not payday loans
  • Interest is far less than payday stores
  • Your loan will have a fixed number of equal payments
  • Rebuild your credit – We report to Credit Bureaus
  • We have local offices in your area!

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