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Funeral Loans

Peace of Mind in Your Time of Loss

We provide Funeral Loans for Wisconsin, Minnesota & Illinois residents. Whether you need help paying for complete funeral services or your share of the family expense, we’re here to help.

Get Help With Funeral Costs

Casket inside HearseMost people are simply not prepared for funeral expenses. The average cost can range from $6,000 to $10,000. Even if you don’t have to pay for the funeral, you may have expenses such as travel costs for an out-of-state funeral or taking time off from work. When you’re struggling to find money for funeral expenses, Universal Lenders will be there for assistance. Our installment loans can help you spread payments out over time, making the costs associated with a funeral one less worry.

Focus on Your Loved Ones, Not Casket or Cremation Prices

Funeral costs can quickly add up. The casket alone can run $2000 or more. Embalming can be more than $500. Prices for the grave site, grave preparation and headstone can exceed $5000, And often there’s even funeral staff fees around $1500 for oversight and the memorial service. You can choose cremation to save money, but in the end, the total cost of a funeral is a serious jolt with unfortunate timing. This is where we can help. Apply for a funeral loan from Universal Lenders and know you will have a strong financing partner along the way.

Funeral Assistance, Not Funeral Fund-Raising

No one wants to be out on a street corner raising urgent funeral funds from random strangers. And often relatives and friends simply cannot or will not help out. When you’re facing funeral costs alone, we can be there for assistance. Universal Lenders gets you an answer in 24 hours, and will help spread the payments out evenly over time. Less worry and more time to devote to making your loved one’s final arrangements as deserving as possible.

Why Choose Universal Lenders for Funeral Loans?

  • 24-hour approval process
  • Our loans are installment loans – not payday loans
  • Interest is far less than payday stores
  • Your loan will have a fixed number of equal payments
  • Rebuild your credit – We report to Credit Bureaus
  • We have local offices in your area!

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