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Car Repair Loans

Cover Any Breakdown or Accident

We provide loans for auto repair expenses to Wisconsin, Minnesota & Illinois residents. Whether you need help paying for dents, dings, cracks, leaks or even totaled vehicles, Universal Lenders is here to help you get your car fixed.

In a Wreck? Your Fault or Theirs?

Wrecked Car Being TowedHave you been in a minor car crash? Even if you aren’t at fault, it can take insurance a long time to settle things and get you the money for repairs? So whether you have dents, dings or smashed windows, we can help you cover the cost of auto repairs whether they are deductibles to insurance companies or direct payments to repair shops. Let Universal Lenders help you get back on the road and back to work. Our installment loans can easily be used to repair your damaged vehicle and cover insurance claims. Our application process is fast, and if approved we can get your the money you need for the car repair shop within 48 hours.

Car Problems? No Problem.

Cars are notoriously troublesome as they get older, and you will definitely have general maintenance needs every year. Tires, tune-ups, and getting ready for winter can easily cost you $1500.  Those big one-time hits like transmission repair, engine replacement, blown spark plugs or exhaust replacements can run you $1000 to $2000, or more. A new engine can cost more than $3000. Don’t let a sudden breakdown get you down. Stand confident knowing you have financial resources at your disposal with Universal Lenders. Our auto repair loans will help you get back behind the wheel quickly.

Your Money. Your Mechanic.

Avoid costly auto repairs by choosing your own mechanic. With the money you receive from our auto financing installment loans, you can head to any auto repair shop and have cash in hand. You’ll get fast approval so you can get back on the road fast. Have peace of mind knowing you have the freedom to choose where you want to get your car fixed with Universal Lenders.

Why Choose Universal Lenders for Auto Repair Loans?

  • 24-hour approval process
  • Our loans are installment loans – not payday loans
  • Interest is far less than payday stores
  • Your loan will have a fixed number of equal payments
  • Rebuild your credit – We report to Credit Bureaus
  • We have local offices in your area!

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We are currently not accepting new applications